The Flying DJI's First FPV Drone Is an Exhilarating but Imperfect

The Flying DJI's First FPV Drone Is an Exhilarating but Imperfect

DJI is widely known for its commercial drones that are easy to use and adapt to newcomers, as well as its content creation features for blogs and even cinematography. With its new first-person drone, DJI wanted to make a splash in the drone-flying community with a quad that goes toe the line. The DJI FPV shares features with high-end modular racing drones but was easy enough for this debut, though it is missing some features that would make it in line.

The $ 1,299 FPV bundle comes with all the necessary equipment to fly one day. First of all, you have a drone, which looks nothing like DJI's other commercial drone. Weighing in with a battery of 800 grams (or slightly less than 1.75 pounds), the FPV has a solid design, similar to the Phantom Pro. 4. This is the exact opposite of the Mavic series, in which the drone turns into folds for itself. Compact form factor. The quad is equipped with a 4K camera that can shoot up to 60 fps, and 4x slow motion at 120 fps.

The bundle also includes DJI FPV Goggles V2, which broadcasts live feeds up to 1440 x 810 at 120 fps. These specs feature a low-latency HD digital video transmission that provides a crystal clear flight experience — literally unmatched in the FPV flying market. As a first time FPV flyer, I was impressed by the video's clarity and its in-flight visual immersion. If you must withdraw from this review, then flying in HD is truly breathtaking.

Then DJI's redesigned remote, which looks like a gaming controller. On previous commercial models, like the Mini 2 and Air 2, the controllers had a boxy design. I was personally fond of these controllers because they fit well in my hands, but now I have a new favorite.

Along with all these goodies, there is one caveat: the bundle is extremely expensive, which is a very difficult pill for a new FPV drone flyer like myself, or indeed anyone to swallow. Drone racing is, unsurprisingly, an expensive hobby to get up and running. You have other options, such as pre-made drones, but they retail around $ 400 and do not come with goggles or a controller. If you buy DJI goggles and remote a la carte, the price will go up to $ 1,300 - but does not include the action camera - then it will cost about $ 1,700 in total. DJI says that you can pair the goggles with another DJI FPV fly unit from 2019 for $ 180, which is great and saves you some moolah if you want to build another drone.

So if you can get more than the $ 1,299 price tag, I can see this perfect for a newbie FPV drone flyer who knows that the FPV drone scene is where they want to be and who use glasses in other Want to stay within the DJI ecosystem. Creates a drone, or for a cinematographer who wants to frame the perfect shot using a 4K camera and goggles, even though DJI's ActivTrack-like features are missing from this model.

Yes, that's right: this drone does not have an activetrack, or a handful of program flight patterns or photo modes are other DJI drones that are perfect for content creation. A total boomer, right? Those features really distinguish the FPV from other first-person drones and make it a true hybrid drone.

However, DJI does not forget the safety features that make the FPV feel like a true drone for beginners, including obstacle avoidance sensors, a return-to-home facility and a nifty emergency brake that tracks the drone on its tracks. Stops in I personally dig these. For example, many times the drone becomes aware of a very fast object and therefore it automatically slows down to a safe speed. Some safety features, or all of them, can be deactivated by switching to Sport mode or Manual mode, if you want to kick the FPV experience up a notch and test your limits.

For me, I had a great experience flying the FPV drone. As a FPV drone flyer for the first time, I can see why people enjoy doing it. While looking around in the air, I was looking at the world from the perspective of FPV. It reminds me of the recollection that I first flew a drone, and if you've never flown a drone before - or if you've been out of the scene for a while - get ready for some fun.

For a more in-depth review and to see my FPV drone-flying experience firsthand, watch the video above.

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